We are committed to continual research and development into improved colour reproduction and we have set our targets at being the best in our field

⁄   We can genuinely distinguish ourselves in a number of ways:

⁄   We use the standards set by ISO 12647 not as a target to aspire to, but a base standard from which to develop and improve

⁄   We develop improved RGB to
CMYK profiles for reproduction onto
varied substrates

⁄   We constantly measure and analyse the results from our digital proofs and press sheets and we adjust settings accordingly to ensure colour accuracy from one to the other, whatever the substrate

⁄   We hold an ever-expanding library
of digital proof settings, dot-gain compensation curves and press
settings for every type of material that
comes through our door

⁄   We have a continued programme
of development into improved inking systems for better reproduction onto uncoated materials. Through this programme we have developed two specific and unique inking systems, Chromatica and Hi-Dry

⁄   Coupled with our Chromatica inking system, we have developed a colour treatment called Chromatica Pastel Boost specifically for use on uncoated materials. This gives a subtle but effective boost to colour levels where needed, accentuates shadow contouring and increases the depth of black whilst leaving skintones and other near neutrals unaffected